What our clients appreciate about Versant Strategies

"As the largest & longest continuously operating distillery in Pennsylvania, we value our roots and work hard to make a difference across the commonwealth in everything we do, from investing in facility improvements that benefit our neighbors, sourcing local ingredients to support the PA economy and delighting PA consumers with our storied brands. We rely on Versant Strategies to help us create a range of solutions for the challenges we face every day in the highly regulated business of beverage alcohol. MeeCee Baker, Ron Raymond, Caleb Wright and the entire team are trusted advisors and have delivered big results for our business, most notably, leading the effort to secure over $3,000,000 in RCAP funding in support of our capital improvement effort which will enable us to continue to operate our historic facility in Philadelphia."

Andrew G. Block
Senior Vice President/Chief Sales Officer, Charles Jacquin et Cie., Inc


"How to Win Friends and Influence People isn't just the title of a leadership skills book, it is the successful, everyday operations of Versant Strategies. As much about political timing as it is about long-term trusted relationships, the depth, reach and scope of Versant Strategies is incomparable in the PA State Capitol, and respective PA Congressional delegation.

With years of legislative service, agricultural expertise, and thoughtful, effective regulatory impact Versant covers multiple public policy needs with focus and attention to detail every company looks for in a winning team. From permitting to production, from farm to table, from drafting a bill to passage, from concept to reality, from our own experience in landscape conservation efforts supporting statewide mine reclamation through our "moonscape to meadow" demonstrations, Versant Strategies is our guide!

With an eye to future political winds and a thumb on the pulse of the public and the legislature, an investment in Versant is an easy decision when public policy is critical to the success of our company. "

Ryan Cherwinksi


"Versant Strategies does not feel like a Corporate entity. Their personal attention to issues that affect our members has been hands on, respectful, knowledgeable and professional since we first contracted their services over a decade ago. Legislative accomplishments requires bipartisan respect and attention to detail with knowledge of the subject. MeeCee, Caleb and Ron have the political knowledge and contacts to see an issue to its end. When specific knowledge of an issue is needed, they reach out to their clients for the appropriate information. The partnership works... and Versant is the oil that smooths the track. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

Thaddeus Stevens
Legislative Chair, Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Landowners Alliance

Robert Sher
President, Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Landowners Alliance


"I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege of working with Versant Strategies for over 5 years as a board member and recently as President of the Pennsylvania Pest Management Association in which they have masterfully served in the capacity of not only Executive Director, but as our impactful industry advocate, our trusted advisor, our membership and event coordinator, and our conscientious counselor, among many other roles. I could not imagine where our association would be without MeeCee, Caleb and the entire team at Versant, and what I would have done without them, successfully navigating these past few years fraught with different challenges for the pest control industry and for associations overall."

Adam Witt
President, Witt Pest Management


"MeeCee, Caleb and the rest of the team are knowledgeable, professional, determined, and most importantly, effective. Over an 8 year span, PWA accomplished more legislatively than in the previous 28. Versant not only positioned us well politically but also helped us bolster old and forge new relationships with Governmental and private organizations alike. Their guidance and insights have been integral to the explosive growth seen in the Pennsylvania Wine Industry."

Jamie Williams
The Winery at Wilcox, Inc.


"USA Gypsum approached Versant Strategies for assistance with the development of a new General Permit allowing the recycling of drywall scraps for beneficial use as a soil amendment and animal bedding. Versant assisted us in developing our strategy and worked with us and our engineer to arrange meetings with key officials. The result is a new permit WMGM038 issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for which USA Gypsum was the first applicant and permit granted.

Versant continues to provide USA Gypsum with creative solutions to complex challenges and is able to communicate these at many levels of government."

Terry L. Weaver
President, USA Gypsum


"Working with Ron Raymond for about 10 years has proven to be one of the best decisions we have made in quite some time. Ron's reputation with the legislators and the contacts he has developed have made our communication with the legislators an easy process that has allowed us to accomplish many of our goals."

Mel Brodsky
Pa Assn. Of Retail Druggists


"Versant Strategies helps us navigate the legislative waters in Pennsylvania. I like working with Versant Strategies as they have a strong team with extensive knowledge and roots in the community."

Randy Barnhart
Vice President of Governmental Affairs, East Region, Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits

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