Versant understands (and anticipates) our clients' needs.

Governmental Relations

At Versant Strategies, our passion for victory is matched by an equally relentless dedication to strategy and detail. We understand the importance of first preparing the field by using clients’ stated needs along with the team’s collective experience. We know that every legislative or regulatory initiative can somehow, somewhere along the way, get derailed by unforeseen actions and opposition. In anticipation, the Versant team spends time analyzing clients’ issues, designing effective messaging, and identifying other supporters. We then develop a winning playbook to successfully get over the goal line. Along the way, team members identify concerns, educate, advocate, and remain alert until the predetermined goal has been achieved. Tracking legislative and regulatory actions, drafting potential bill and amendment language, and preparing associations for legislative visits are all in a day’s work for Versant Strategies.

Economic Development

Finding financing for clients has become a favorite mission for Versant Strategies. Our team can quickly assess a project and match potential sources of funding. Additionally, Versant’s technical writing experience allows our staff to successfully prepare grant applications for a myriad of sources. Whether it be a low interest loan, matching dollars, or pure grant, Versant is here to help. Researching opportunities to bring dollars to worthwhile programs is a Versant specialty. The former teachers in the firm find this especially satisfying work.

Regulatory Affairs Work

The Versant team has successfully helped clients, some representing the most regulated industries in the Commonwealth, circumnavigate the often complicated realm of regulatory affairs in Pennsylvania. Clients look to Versant to help cut through red tape, facilitate continued communication with agency staff, secure special use permits, resolve eminent domain disputes, and lead the charge for regulatory reforms. No regulatory task is too big or too small for Versant Strategies. Team members roll up their sleeves and tackle the task at hand.

Organizational Support

Versant Strategies provides services that enhance client communications and connections. Versant’s portfolio of current and former clients, and insights into where interests may align, enable the team to make connections between companies and associations to partner on projects or advocacy campaigns.

Versant also recognizes that packaging and promotion are part of building message momentum. Our supporting services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Manage organizations from membership to conference planning
  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions
  • Provide keynote speakers for events
  • Develop and distribute press releases
  • Design, edit, and manage production services for advertising, promotional materials, and publications
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