Versant knows how to harvest victory.

Advancing client agendas in today’s public policy arena requires an involved support team who can effectively map a clear path, efficiently open the right doors, and ultimately lead initiatives to success. As advocacy experts and active community members, Versant Strategies understands the nuances involved in public policy engagement. Versant’s unique approach activates grassroots participation in the field, while concurrently conducting grasstops efforts on Capitol Hill. This powerful combination has yielded countless positive results.

Versant is practiced – and persistent.

Versant team members know what victory takes: a sound strategy and plain hard work. We help clients refine their messages to target audiences in the Governor’s office, Senate, House, and any number of agencies, bureaus, and commissions. With eyes on the prize and ears to the ground, Versant continually educates, listens to concerns, answers questions, monitors media outlets, disseminates timely information, and clears away obstacles so clients can accomplish set goals.

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