We understand (and anticipate) our clients' needs.

Governmental Relations

At Versant Strategies, our passion for victory is matched by an equally relentless dedication to strategy and detail. Like the clients we represent, we understand the importance of first preparing the field – using our clients’ stated needs and our own experience. We know that every legislative or regulatory initiative can somehow, somewhere along the way, get derailed by unforeseen actions and opposition. That’s why our team spends time analyzing clients’ issues and designing effective messaging for whenever the team “hits the Hill.” We then chart the best path to success and begin opening doors to a vast network of policy and decision makers. Along the way, team members identify issues, educate, advocate and remain alert until the ultimate goal has been achieved. Preparing bills and amendments, tracking legislative and regulatory actions, prepping associations for legislative visits – it’s all in a day’s work at Versant Strategies.

Regulatory Affairs Work

We know our way around the often-complicated realm of regulatory affairs in Pennsylvania. From Fortune 500 companies to the smallest farm or business, we remove obstacles, reduce headaches and get our clients across the finish line. Versant clients represent some of the most regulated industries in the Commonwealth. They look to us to help cut through red tape, secure special use permits, resolve eminent domain disputes and lead the charge for regulatory reform. It’s a niche area where no job is too big or too small. We roll up our sleeves and successfully tackle the task at hand.

Organizational Support

We’re deeply interested in seeing Versant clients and their causes succeed, and so we pride ourselves on providing other services that enhance our clients’ communications and connections with their audiences.

Our clients can expect us to be always on the lookout for ways to connect them with unforeseen opportunities. Our portfolio of current and former clients, and our insights into where interests may align, enables us to open doors between companies and associations to partner on projects or advocacy campaigns.

We also recognize that packaging and promotion are part of what builds message momentum. Our supporting services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Manage organizations from membership to conference planning
  • Prepare grant and loan applications for governmental and private sector programs
  • Draft testimony for PA House, Senate and Congressional hearings
  • Provide keynote speakers for events
  • Develop, draft and distribute press releases
  • Design, edit and manage production services for advertising, promotional materials and publications