Versant knows that today’s public policy arena can be a daunting place to find yourself without an engaged supporting team who knows the right doors to open and helps navigate the pathway to success. This is where Versant thrives.

Versant works to help clients refine their messages, and then develops strategies that turn advocacy into actions. Versant team members help to ensure that messages are targeted to the right audiences -- in the House, Senate, Governor’s office, or in any number of agencies and bureaus. Along the way, they serve as your eyes and ears, identifying potential problems, listening to concerns, answering questions, monitoring news outlets, disseminating timely information and clearing obstacles on behalf of clients.

The ability to develop effective and trusted liaisons among clients and policy makers in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. has made Versant one of the premier agricultural, environmental, and rural affairs firms in the Northeastern United States.

Versant Strategies' owner Dr. MeeCee Baker served as the first female president of the National Association of Agricultural Educators and was named Alumni Fellow by the Pennsylvania State University. Senior Consultants are Versant's founder and former House Appropriations Chair John Barley, former Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Dennis C Wolff, former Pennsylvania Acting Agriculture Secretary Walt Peechatka, and former Pennsylvania House Agriculture Committee Chairman Art Hershey. Do-it-all Office Manager Debbie Chappell rounds out the Versant team.


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